Friday, September 15, 2017

Unknown Composition

Now In Hot Attics and Institutional Vaults of Decidedly Sub-Archival ... For Piano. The Score

"Now In Hot Attics and Institutional Vaults of Decidedly Sub-Archival Womblike Moistness 
Our Campaign Ribbons Have Turned The Colors of Cattails and Almond Grass"

For Piano

Bil Smith Composer

The Score:

"Hardpacked Out Of Tan Dust." For Electric Guitar. Bil Smith Composer

The 3D Printed Flute by Amit Zoran

Link to PDF Article, The 3D Printed Flute

This paper considers the controversy of modern acoustic instruments, which may have come to an evolutionary impasse, due to its high standardization that makes it difficult to explore design modifications. A new approach for the design and fabrication of an acoustic instrument is presented, using digital fabrication technologies, and specifically 3D printing, which has the potential to influence new designs, and to lead to new acoustics and ergonomic innovations. This paper describes the key concepts of this approach, presenting the development process of such a 3D printed instrument—a prototype of a 3D printed concert flute, some other 3D printed elements, and a conceptual example of an innovative trumpet—discussing the potential of the new technology in fabricating and designing of musical instruments.