Monday, May 29, 2017

Fenamont Opial 19.9000052576" (A Compaction Music). The Recording.

Fenamont Opial 


A Compaction Music 

The Recording.

"Spomata- Freemano" A Compaction Music. (Recording:13 seconds)


A Compaction Music

Bil Smith Composer

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Reductionists are those who take one theory or phenomenon to be reducible to some other theory or phenomenon. For example, a reductionist regarding mathematics might take any given mathematical theory to be reducible to logic or set theory. 

Or, a reductionist about biological entities like cells might take such entities to be reducible to collections of physico-chemical entities like atoms and molecules. 

The type of reductionism that is currently of most interest in metaphysics and philosophy of mind involves the claim that all sciences are reducible to physics. This is usually taken to entail that all phenomena (including mental phenomena like consciousness) are identical to physical phenomena.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Five Scudi" (A Compaction Music). The Recording

"Five Scudi" 
(A Compaction Music) 
Bil Smith Composer
With Jessie J., Philippe Manoury, Claude Vivier and Georg Friedrich Haas.
Link to the Recording on SoundCloud:

"Verna Blase Tomassi" (A Compaction Music). Recording on SoundCloud

"Verna Blase Tomassi" (A Compaction Music) for Chamber Ensemble, Shortwave Radio, Voice, and Modified Ultra WideBand Transformer 

Performed at Brooklyn Academy of Music, February 2013. 

Bil Smith Composer

From Harvard's Dan Tramte, "Ursatzing the Unursatzable"

Trailer to Dan's project Ursatzing the unursatzable.

"This work blurs the distinction between composition and theory by transforming the latter into a creative practice such as the former, and thus packaging the two into a ‘meta-art-form.’ 

Indeed, the composer/theorist’s virtuosity is measured by two factors: 1) his/her ability to find new and elegant methods to execute the analysis on the spot, and 2) the difficulty level of analysis for the piece at hand. 

I have, and will continue to analyze works by 1960s American Experimentalists (e.g., John Cage, Earle Brown, etc.), New Conceptualists (e.g., Johannes Kreidler), Compaction composers (e.g., Bil Smith Composer), and many more."

-Dan Tramte

"Stained With Dust and Sweat" For Organ

"Stained With Dust and Sweat" 

For Organ


Bil Smith Composer

A Commission from FM Global

Published on LNM Editions

(Laboratorie New Music)

“Measured, Deliberate, Solemn, Muffled But Clearly Audible”. Sky Spallone Composer

“Measured, Deliberate, Solemn, Muffled But Clearly Audible”

For Chamber Ensemble

Sky Spallone Composer


A Commission from MasterCard